Dienstag, November 17

What's so special about the new collection?
Every girl says: "Oh, oh my god I'm in love, Jimmy Choo for H&M,
and it's unbelievable that the collection was sold out after 10 minutes!
I'm sorry, I don't like it
Here's a report about fabrication and if they're really good for, by WELT
(unfortunately only in German)

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  1. Oh.. well, that's what I thought...
    Yesterday I talked to a friend about the new H&M collection and we realy liked some of the woman shoes - those for men were very bad, as usual. But I didn't realy care about that either because my expectiations on H&M are very low :)
    The "Welt" article describes exactly what we thought the shoes are going to be.. of extremely bad quality. No matter which designer works with H&M, or what the prize is going to be, the quality of H&M products won't change.. It's a Pity!